Discover the world of Prónay Balance Spa!


Discover the world of Prónay Balance Spa!

Prónay Balance Spa is located in Alsópetény, on the grounds of ​​Prónay Castle. Situated between the fabulous hills of Cserhát, the village and its enchanting surroundings, as well as the garden surrounding the Castle, are an ideal place for all those who want to recharge a little.

We wanted to help you to recharge by creating Prónay Balance Spa, where everything is provided for complete relaxation. For spiritual renewal, our guests can choose from relaxation, revitalization and mindfulness programs, while for physical rejuvenation we recommend the innovative wellness area, the Spa House, and the outdoor fitness park.

We have put together our thematic health programs so that everyone can find what they are looking for. Our spa packages for individual and corporate guests cover all areas of preventive health care: be it stress management, burnout prevention, self-reinforcement, physical and mental detoxification or just a little rest, retreat and relaxation. To help you tune in and return to inner harmony, our experts provide you with personalized advice, tools and techniques, tailored to your individual state of health, while our chef prepares meals specially designed by a dietitian to support a healthy lifestyle.

Come and discover the wonderful castle park, the special atmosphere of the Prónay Castle, the stunningly fresh and green nature, the excellent hiking trails of the area, try out the gastronomic specialties of our restaurant as you indulge and recharge physically and mentally.