Physical and mental equilibrium with our Balance Spa programs


We dreamed of a place where our guests could experience perfect relaxation. In addition to our programs supporting regeneration, a health-conscious lifestyle and preventive health measures, we await everyone who wants to rediscover their physical and mental balance with a variety of massage therapies, sound therapy, body treatment devices with the latest technology and thermal jade massage beds.

Refreshment and relaxation in the Spa House

Our Spa House is an island of relaxation, designed so that everyone can find recreational opportunities to their liking. In the pool our guests can wake up their bodies by swimming and doing aqua jogging exercises, while in the jacuzzi they can unwind completely. We also wanted to bring the tranquillity of nature into the Spa House, and we managed to achieve that with the use of huge windows, as they offer a wonderful view of the garden of Prónay Castle.

Wander in our energizing Sauna World!

Our Spa House awaits its guests with its own Sauna World, where everything is provided for perfect relaxation and refreshment. The infra sauna, the bio-sauna, the Finnish sauna, the steam room, and the aromatherapy and salt therapy rooms take care of immune system strengthening and detoxification, while for physical and mental rejuvenation, it is worth trying out our experience showers and relaxation and massage beds.

Indulge in the uplifting experience of a massage!

It is well-known that massages calm the nervous system, reduce stress, relieve accumulated tension in the body while they help you relax and also initiate the body’s self-healing processes. Prónay Balance Spa’s distinguished and highly experienced masseurs and therapists await our guests with customized treatments and a full range of massages.

Refresh your body and soul!

The multifunctional new Balance Studio is open to groups and individuals. We welcome you here for a yoga class or a session with Tibetan singing bowls. Yoga is one of the most effective movement therapies that works both the body and the mind. It benefits all parts of the body, while helping us to find inner reflection and peace. The view of the beautiful rose garden of the Prónay Castle completes the process of deepening in asanas and brings inner harmony. The Balance Studio is also an inspiring place for all kinds of creative activities, due to its special conditions of space and light.

Get in shape in our Fitness Area!

Exercise improves our mood and well-being. It is not enough to just exercise our spirit; the body needs attention in the same way. In our Fitness Department you will find everything for a full-body workout. We await our guests who are fans of high-intensity and strengthening exercises with fitness equipment with the latest technology. For those who prefer outdoor sports, the running track and outdoor fitness park provide an excellent opportunity to train in the magical garden of Prónay Castle.

Discover the stunning landscapes of Alsópetény!

It is worth venturing outside the area of ​​Prónay Castle during your stay with us, as Alsópetény and its surroundings hide many natural wonders. You can indulge in numerous leisure activities, as the surrounding hills and forests offer excellent terrain for lovers of hiking, cycling or Nordic walking. And if you are looking for a truly special experience, take part in one of our truffle hunts!

Gastronomy and health

One of the basic aspects of a healthy lifestyle and well-being is your diet. It is important what kind of foods and drinks you consume and in what proportions and quantities.
During their stay with us, we would like to set off our guests on the road to a healthy diet. We contribute to this with a personalized menu designed by the Dietitian of Prónay Balance Spa, a selection of excellent quality ingredients and dishes prepared with innovative technology.
Visit us and enjoy the gastronomic specialties of our Chef, which are both mouth-watering and beneficial to your physical and mental health!