Fertility Program


Fertility Program

Complex fertility program with the best experts of Hungary

The blessing of having a child is the most natural thing in the world, but unfortunately it happens that even though we feel ready for it, things don’t turn out the way we planned. With our program, which is unique in Hungary, we want to provide couples with expert support, counsel and guidance during this stressful period, so that they can receive all the authentic information they need for treatments and a healthy lifestyle.

The program package was organized by renowned specialists and doctors in Hungary - a gynecologist, an embryologist, an andrologist, a psychologist and a dietitian - as the reason behind infertility is very often complex. During the six days spent with us, thought-provoking lectures, individual consultations and relaxation workshops take place every day under a theme focusing on one of the professional fields, while our dietitian and psychologist answer your questions during an individual consultation.

In addition to a fact-based medical approach, having a healthy, personalized diet, doing regular exercise, and maintaining physical and mental balance are also extremely important when treating infertility. That is why we are also focusing on these areas during the program.

Fertility program experts:

  • Dr. Dóra Vesztergom - obstetrician-gynecologist, endocrinologist, infertility specialist
  • Dr. Tamás Takács - andrologist, urologist
  • Dóra Demeter - dietician
  • Dr. Tímea Buzder - embryologist
  • Krisztina Soltész - clinical psychologist

Introduction of the experts of the Fertility Program

Duration: 6 days, 5 nights

Number of participants: Up to 20 people (recommended mainly for couples)

The Program includes:

  • Full board, accommodation in a standard hotel room with double bed
  • Professional lectures on infertility and possible treatment methods
  • Individual psychology consultation
  • Dietary consultation
  • Cooking workshop with our dietitian and the chef of the castle
  • Relaxation Workshop
  • 5 x Morning yoga
  • 2 x Personalized thermal jade massage bed
  • 2 x Outdoor program


  • Dr. Dóra Vesztergom
    Diseases and treatments in light of female fertility
  • Dr. Tamás Takács
    The role of lifestyle factors regarding male fertility
  • Dóra Demeter
    How can a healthy lifestyle and nutrition help you get pregnant?
  • Dr. Tímea Buzder
    Everything you need to know about fertilization
  • Krisztina Soltész
    Why is psychological support important when trying for a baby?

In harmony with ourselves:

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Tranquillity and recharging
  • Excellent professionals
  • Relaxation workshops
  • Spa and wellness programs
  • Massage therapies
  • Exercise, morning yoga
  • Outdoor programs
  • Proximity to nature
Duration: 6 Days