Creative Photographic Journey


Creative Photographic Journey

Inner discovery through photography

Arts have the potential to reach the human soul, which is why we love to utilize them in our health programs.

This journey will be unique. Every day during the recreational workshops, we discover a new era in the history of photography from the perspectives of photography, art history and psychology. We take a look at the life-work of prominent artists, learn about art history curiosities, try out photographic tools, experience creative techniques, while also incorporating aspects of our own experiences.

During our journey, we look at the dawn of photography, we discover outer and inner landscapes by walking meditation and by opening our senses, we make photograms, and learn the basics of landscape photography. Approaching the world of portraits, we rethink famous portrait photos, examine our self-representations, and create our own portrait with a special pinhole camera. On one of the days, we look through the eyes of a press photographer: we investigate and reconstruct different scenes. We draw inspiration from exploring the world of pop-art to express our own thoughts. At the end of the journey, we get to the issues of contemporary use of images and learn about contemporary imaging methods in works of art.

Duration: 6-day, 5-night program from Sunday to Friday

Number of participants: Up to 16 people

Elements of the Recreational Workshop:

  • Full board
  • A special journey into the world of photography
  • 5 days, 5 eras of the history of photography, exciting works and stories of 5 photographers
  • Photographic, art historical, psychological approaches
  • Experience-based, creative, relaxing activities
  • Take-away: practical methods that can be built into your everyday life
  • Use of the wellness area
  • 5 x Morning yoga
  • 2 x Personalized thermal jade massage bed

Recharging in every respect:

  • Excellent professionals
  • Psychoeducation
  • Art therapy
  • Tranquillity and relaxation
  • Unique experience
  • Exercise, yoga, outdoor programs
  • Proximity to nature
Duration: 6 Days