Lifestyle Change


Lifestyle Change

How to change your habits?

Most people stick to their habits - even if they negatively affect their quality of life. However, this attachment is often not conscious, our habits are quite simply part of our daily routine. Many times we don’t even realize how much a bad habit has an impact on our daily lives and well-being. It is important to recognize these bad habits and try to consciously change them, quit them.

In this package, we combine theoretical and practical methods that help you change your lifestyle, develop good habits and change bad ones. We also help you to recognize your boundaries and needs.

In addition to special health assessment and evaluation, and individual consultations, we offer participants different workshops where they can learn how to value and appreciate themselves, and how to apply the methods presented by our experts in their everyday life.

Duration: 6-day, 5-night program from Sunday to Friday

Number of participants: Up to 16 people

The Program includes:

  • Full board
  • Complete medical evaluation, blood test
  • Assessment by Fusion Vital special heart rate variability body sensors (stress / sleep / exercise / lifestyle), evaluation and counselling
  • Mobile Motion Lab computer motion analysis, functional status assessment, personalized exercise program
  • Dietary consultation
  • Cooking workshop with our dietitian and the chef of the castle
  • Nyugizóna Health Psychology and Psychoeducation Workshops - opportunity for individual consultation
        - Spiritual support for changing your habits – Spiritual support for changing your lifestyle
        - Needs – Support for self-representation
  • Exline Competence Development, and Self-awareness & Relaxation Workshops
        - Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-respect
        - Mindfulness
        - Emotional Intelligence – The foundation of adaptation, success and cooperation
  • 4 x Morning yoga
  • 2 x Personalized thermal jade massage bed
  • 1 x Nordic walking

Recharging in every respect:

  • Lifestyle change
  • Excellent professionals
  • Self-awareness trainings
  • Wellness area
  • Self-improvement
  • Exercise, yoga, outdoor programs
  • Mindfulness
Duration: 6 Days