Complete relaxation for the body and the soul

In the rush of everyday life, we don’t spend enough time relaxing and recharging. However, this heightened lifestyle can have a negative impact on our physical and mental balance and health.

This is the reason why we wanted to put together a health program for our guests that is built around maximum relaxation, maintaining and restoring internal balance, and finding physical and spiritual harmony.

During the program, we perform a comprehensive health assessment using traditional medical methods and special body sensors. The results obtained this way enable our guests to support their physical and mental health with personalized programs and psychological methods, while our workshops help them to apply therapeutic techniques in their everyday life. These techniques aid inner immersion, and physical and mental recharging.

Prónay Castle and the castle park itself is an island of tranquillity, so in addition to the beneficial effects of the programs, our guests are also able to enjoy the beauty and the positive energies of nature.

Duration: 6-day, 5-night program from Sunday to Friday

Number of participants: Up to 16 people

The Program includes:

  • Full board
  • Complete medical evaluation, blood test
  • Assessment by Fusion Vital special heart rate variability body sensors (stress / sleep / exercise / lifestyle), evaluation and counselling
  • Nyugizóna Health Psychology and Psychoeducation Workshops - opportunity for individual consultation
        - Tranquillity Me Time
        - Managing Your Energies – Tasks
        - Internal Fire Sparks
  • Exline Competence Development and Relaxation Workshop
        - Art therapy
  • 5 x Morning yoga
  • 2 x Personalized thermal jade massage bed

Recharging in every respect:

  • Internal balance
  • Physical-spiritual harmony
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Excellent professionals
  • Innovative wellness area
  • Maximum relaxation
  • Exercise, yoga, outdoor programs
  • Proximity to nature
Duration: 6 Days