Spiritual Renewal with Art Therapy


Spiritual Renewal with Art Therapy

Finding internal balance with art therapy methods

Are you aware of which activities relieve you best from the stressful world of your everyday life? This is what our health program, organized with art therapy methods, wants to help you with. Artistic activities have the ability to trigger emotional processes that allow us to grow, to find ourselves and our internal balance. It is said that the clearest way to the human soul is through art - this is what our program shows the participants.

Active music and exercise programs not only help you with individual self-expression, but are also great for relieving tension and stress. In the workshops, artistic creation comes to the fore as a process, together with experiencing ‘Me-time’ and developing nonverbal intelligence. Meanwhile, our guests also learn how to live in the moment and how to apply the power of art in their everyday life.

With art therapy, we address the body and the soul at the same time. While you enjoy the wonder of creation, Fusion Vital’s special sensory assessment provides objective information on which program and method granted you the greatest flow-experience, which activities gave you the best stress relief. This way, you can create your own “manual” on how to relax and recharge in your everyday life.

Duration: 6-day, 5-night program from Sunday to Friday

Number of participants: Up to 16 people

The Program includes:

  • Full board
  • Assessment by Fusion Vital special heart rate variability body sensors (stress / sleep / exercise / lifestyle), evaluation and counselling
  • Fusion Vital presentation
  • Nyugizóna Health Psychology and Psychoeducation Workshops - opportunity for individual consultation
        - Tranquillity Me Time
  • Exline Competence Development and Relaxation Workshop
        - Self-awareness
        - Nonverbal Intelligence
        - Mindfulness Living in the moment
        - Art therapy
  • 5 x Morning yoga
  • 2 x Personalized thermal jade massage bed

Recharging in every respect:

  • Music and exercise
  • Artistic creation
  • Retreats
  • Excellent professionals
  • Innovative wellness area
  • Tranquillity and recharging
  • Tension and stress relief
  • Living in the moment
Duration: 6 Days